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A variety of tokens are used in Star Wars: Destiny to track aspects of gameplay. Most common of these tokens are:

  • Damage (1 and 3)
  • Shields
  • Resources

Shield and Damage tokens are placed on cards during gameplay, while Resource tokens have their own place away from the gameplay area. In the example image Finn has received two single Damage tokens, First Order Stormtrooper has one Shield token, and both Kylo Ren and Rey have two Shield tokens each. Resource tokens are not pictured in this example image.

Damage Edit


Damage tokens are used to track the damage which has been dealt to a Character card. Characters have a threshold for the amount of damage they can take, and when the number of tokens on their card exceed this threshold, that character is defeated. Damage tokens come in 'single damage' and 'three damage' varieties.

You can assign Damage tokens to your opponent by spending the Ranged Damage and Melee Damage result on the dice, or through the application of certain cards such as Let The Wookie Win.

Shield Edit


Shield tokens absorb some incoming damage, preventing damage tokens from being assigned to the Character card. Shield tokens only prevent Ranged Damage and Melee Damage, many card abilities bypass shields.

You gain Shields by spending the Shield result on the dice, by playing cards from your hand such as Take Cover, and when you surrender initiative at the start of the game.

Resource Edit


Resource tokens are spent to bring new cards into play from your hand, or to use certain Die Faces which have an associated Resource cost.

You gain two Resource tokens at the start of every round, and you can also gain them by spending the Resource result on the dice, or through the application of cards such as Smuggling.