Swd01 dice

Dice are an integral component of Star Wars Destiny. At the start of the game you will have available to you the dice belonging to the characters which are revealed to your opponent; as the game progresses, new cards brought into play will add dice to your pool, increasing your options.


Some results can only be used if an associated Resource cost is spent. This is indicated by a yellow resource icon on the relevant face of the die. In this image, Kylo can only use that Melee Damage 2 attack if he spends 1 Resource.


Likewise, results with a blue background stack on top of results with a black background, and can only be used in conjunction with a result on a black background. In this image, Rey can only use that Melee Damage 2 attack if she uses another non-blue Melee Damage attack.

Following is a breakdown of the symbols you will find on your dice, and what they mean:

Melee Damage Edit

Swd01 melee-damage symbol
Spending this symbol deals melee damage to one of your opponent’s characters. There's no difference between melee damage and ranged damage, except the abilities of some cards.

Ranged Damage Edit

Swd01 ranged-damage-symbol
Spending this symbol deals ranged damage to one of your opponent’s characters. There's no inherent difference between ranged damage and melee damage.

Shield Edit

Swd01 shield symbol
This symbol grants shields to one of your characters. Shields absorb damage before it reaches your character.

Resource Edit

Swd01 resource symbol
This symbol can be spent to gain resources, which are used to play events, upgrades, and support cards from your hand.  

Disrupt Edit

Swd01 disrupt symbol
Spending this symbol forces your opponent to lose resources. Losing resources at a crucial moment can be a crippling blow to your opponent's plans.

Discard Edit

Swd01 discard symbol
Spending this symbol forces your opponent to randomly discard cards, taking away options and opportunities to reroll dice.

Focus Edit

Swd01 focus symbol
This symbol can be spent to change some of your other dice to the sides of your choice. By making your other dice more reliable, the focus symbol helps you pursue your chosen strategy.

Special Edit

This symbol has special rules listed on the corresponding card. For instance, if you rolled a special symbol on the Sith Holocron die, you could spend the symbol to swap the Sith Holocron for a Blue ability upgrade from your hand and spend a resource to roll its die.
Swd01 special symbol

Blank Edit

Swd01 blank symbol
This symbol has no effect. All but the most dangerous and reliable dice have at least one blank symbol.

Indirect Damage Edit

This symbol was added to the game with the Legacies set(Dec 2017), the first core set following the original core set of Awakenings.


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