Swd01 count-dooku

Card Text/Ability Edit

Before this character is dealt 1 or more damage, you may discard a card from your hand to give him 1 shield.

Dice Edit

  1. Melee Damage 1
  2. Melee Damage 2
  3. Focus 1
  4. Discard 2 (Cost 1)
  5. Resource 1
  6. Blank

Card Types and (Rarity) Edit

Character, Villain, Blue, (Rare)

Card Clarification (FAQ) Edit

If a die is spent with a modified die, that is one source of damage and Count Dooku can only gain 1 shield. If two or more non-modified dice are spent during the same action, Dooku could gain a shield for each one, because each die is resolved separately. (FAQ Version 1.0, Updated 07/11/2016).

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