• Ajones47

    So after fifty days the results are in, and of the 65 people who have voted more than half of them selected Darth Vader as their most effective Legendary Character. The results were as follows:

    Darth Vader: 33 votes

    Han Solo: 10 votes

    Captain Phasma: 8 votes

    Jabba The Hutt: 6 votes

    Poe Dameron: 4 votes

    Luke Skywalker: 4 votes

    These choices reveal a couple of interesting trends. 

    Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are extremely similar. Vader has an extra health, he has disrupt instead of focus, and he costs more, but otherwise he is identical to Luke Skywalker. Yet Vader is the most valued character in the game, and Luke is a bit of a dud. This reveals that, at this point in the game, discarding one of your opponent's cards is more valuable than increas…

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